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      1. Shareholder Account Sign-In

        Welcome to DUK-Online, our online service that lets registered shareholders monitor and manage their share accounts at any time, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

        DUK-Online Shareholder Account Sign-Up

        Benefits of Enrolling

        Once you're enrolled in DUK-Online, you can get detailed account information:

        • View and share your balance
        • See the current market value of account
        • Get online delivery of InvestorDirect Choice Plan statements
        • Dividend payment history
        • InvestorDirect Choice Plan history
        • Optional cash payments pending allocation

        You can also update information easily:

        • Change of address
        • Automatic bank draft
        • Direct deposit of dividends
        • Replacement of stale-dated checks
        • Replacement 1099s
        • Change in status for dividend reinvestment
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